Darwin and Racism

religion Let me say up front, that I’m an evolution guy. As far as I’m concerned evolution is scientific fact, anything else is; well anything else.

But anyway, I saw a tweet on Twitter by @EdHans, who is a guy I’ve chatted with on and off (more off than on these days) on technology forums for years. Ed has well established Christian views and is a super smart and good guy.

So when Ed linked to an article at the Uncommon Descent site, I knew it would be worthwhile to read. Needless to say it was very interesting. I have never thought of a racial aspect to Darwin’s theory (I’m not sure there even is one) but that is really the basis of the article.

If you have a few minutes read the article; regardless of your religious views you will find it thought provocing. Here is the link. I’ve bookmarked the Uncommon Descent site and added to my Google Reader feeds – I’ll be reading more for sure.

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