David’s quick blog tip

wordpresslogoBeing a 21st Century Guy, I wanted to link a lot of my stuff together – which in the case of this blog meant importing my Twitter feed.

The only problem with this was that the blog’s RSS feed became overrun with my Tweets since they greatly outnumber blog posts.

This wasn’t a problem for long – the WordPress community has already solved just about every potential issue. The answer in this case is a plugin called Advanced Category Excluder. ACE allows me to choose which categories go into the RSS feed.

Since all the Twitter posts are all in the Uncategorized category, it was simple to exclude them. Now anyone subscribing to the feed gets only the real blog posts – brilliant.

Thanks to Tim Elliott for the great little tool.

Here is a bonus tip for today, also on feeds. If you are using the (<!–more–>) tag to truncate your posts, you won’t see the full post in your RSS reader, regardless of your feed settings.

Again, there is a plugin just to solve this problem. It is called Full Text Feed and you can get it from here. Thanks to Ronald Heft, Jr. for this problem solving plugin – click here to visit Ronald’s site and see his other plugins.

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