David’s Quick BlogTip II – #blogchat

First off, the more observant of our readers might have noticed that the Quick Blog Tip has shifted categories – the previous one was in Technology. Don’t worry, there is a reason for this, I know you are thinking I messed up but it’s not the case.

This Quick Bog Tip is in marketing because that is where it belongs. Let’s face it, we’ve gone to all the trouble to set up a blog, write some award winning content and opened it to the World. We now need to know how to get it working properly, how to make it interactive and entertaining for our readers – basically how to make it great.

That’s where #blogchat comes in. #blogchat is a fast paced on-line chat session on Twitter, the subject being – well, blogs. The moderator of #blogchat is Mack Collier who not only has a very nice line in cowboy hats, but is also an expert on the subject. @blogchat is only in its second week, but already has a Worldwide audience – just shows how quickly news travels these days. The event takes place Sunday nights at 8.00 Central Time and continues into other time zones. Yesterday, the conversation was all about how to makes blogs more interactive – how to get readers more involved. Really good stuff that is helpful to everyone with an interest in blogging!

The good news is, you don’t have to wait until next Sunday to see what it’s all about: just search on Twitter for #blogchat, an you are sure to get good ideas to make your blog blogging better!

Oh, while you are on Twitter you can see what I’m up to as well: @david_unique

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