David’s Quick Marketing Tip

Social Media Marketing takes time and effort.

It is trendy right now to rush into Social Media. Set up a blog, chat on Twitter, dust off that old Linked-In profile. All these things can certainly help with your overall marking effort, but Social Media isn’t a quick fix.

To quote Donald Rumsfeld: “it is a process, not an event”. While Social Media Marketing can be budget friendly, it does have a cost – that being the time you need to invest. For example we have been working on our Labeling News on-line news site for a year and it is still a work in process.

So by all means jump onto the Social Media bandwagon. Just be prepared to have to work hard to get good results.

Oh, if you are wondering – Donald Rumsfeld did say this. To be fair he was talking about reforming the Department of Defense at the time, but it’s a great quote!

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