How I Get the News

grl1One of the great things about being a 21st Century Man is that I get to choose how I keep in touch with the world and the things I’m interested in. I mainly do this by subscribing to RSS feeds from the websites that have the content I’m looking for, written by people and organizations I like and trust.

Since I have not yet found an off-line RSS reader for the iPhone, my current reader of choice is Google Reader. Since I have Internet access pretty much 24 hours a day, this isn’t a huge handicap.

This morning, just out of interest, I took a look at my list of subscriptions – I was a bit surprised by how many there are. I suppose this is a sign of an inquisitive mind and pretty broad interests.

So here they are, along with links to the feeds so you can check them out. Let me know if there is anything good I’m missing.


BBC News | News Front Page | World Edition

BBC Sport | Sport Homepage | World Edition

Boston Globe — Front Page

Boston Globe — Sports News — Red Sox News

BusinessWeek Online — Top News

Christian Science Monitor | Top Stories



Engadget Mobile Latest Articles



HubSpot’s Inbound Internet Marketing Blog

InformationWeek – All Stories And Blogs

Labeling News

Life as a Healthcare CIO


News: Digital Photography Review (

Pocket PC

Politico Top Stories

rfid – Twitter Search RSS FEED

Social Media Today


Telegraph UK News

Totally Incorrect – David Holliday

Uncommon Descent – RSS Feeds

Unique Bride

unique wedding photography blog

winco id – Twitter Search

ZDNet News – Front Door

To help manage all these feed, I have them sorted in folders – News, Technology, Marketing, etc. It would be information overload otherwise :)

For me, using RSS feeds and a good reader application is the perfect way to keep up to date with my interests. If you are not using RSS, I’d really suggest you give it a try. Huge advantage? No annoying ads (yet)

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