How to market to me. Part 1

I’m a sales and marketing guy – the job of my team is to get my company’s message to qualified people who we can then convert to leads and finally to customers. It sounds easy enough. but there are some interesting issues that are faced by marketing and sales organizations.

One of the biggest problems is having to market to people like me!

I’m really tough for marketers because:

  • I rarely watch TV – if my wife watches TV in the evening, I usually play music on my iPhone to escape.
  • For radio I listen to Sirius.
  • I use Firefox and AdBlock for web browsing so I haven’t seen a banner ad in years.
  • I get all my news through RSS feeds or blogs.
  • When someone calls me at the office, the customer service ladies know to put them through to voicemail if they suspect the caller of selling something – I rarely get to the end of the message before deleting.
  • I have no landline phone at home.
  • My mobile phone is on the “do not call” list.
  • If I sign up for anything on-line I use my gmail address. The gmail spam filtering is amazingly good.

While I might not be 100% typical of the American consumer, I do feel that most people are tired of the constant marketing and sales pitches they have to hear all the time they are awake and would prefer to do without it.

From what I’ve written so far, you might feel that I would not be excited about working in the sales and marketing business. On the contrary, I believe that there are ways to effectively market to people such as myself.

How to do this is what gives me inspiration and will be a theme of the Sales and Marketing section of my blog.


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