Back to School – Nashua Marketing

It was back to the classroom for Kathy (of and I last week.

We were invited to speak to the Nashua High North marketing students on how Social Media is changing the way marketers communicate with their customers.

We discussed some of the challenges that organizations have when using traditional marketing methods and also looked at how it makes sense to employ inbound techniques to make it easy for potential clients to come to us.

To bring everything together, we discussed a recent seminar event we had held and how we balanced our outbound and inbound resources to make it a success.

It was a very enjoyable session with a great motivated group of young people. The session was pretty interactive which is always a good sign.

Kathy put together a nice story on the event that you can read over at Labeling News

Hey – how do you like me doing the John Travolta thing? Powerpoint with Saturday Night Fever style!!


  1. Tim Croteau says

    I was in that class!! I thought you did a fantastic job and i learned a ton!
    Thank you so much, i hope you come back soon!

    • David says

      Hey Tim,

      Thank you for visiting the site and for commenting. I’m glad that you enjoyed the class. It is an exciting time to be in marketing – things are changing so quickly. Great opportunities for people that can stay ahead.

      Take care!

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