Best Marketing Video Ever!

Winner of our Best Marketing Video Ever award! This is just amazing. To think this company is  practically our neighbor as well.  You have to stop what you are doing and watch Debby the Sales Rep!!

By the way, I’m so jealous of their cool new offices in the mill building

If you live in New England, you should make a point to check out Amy’s band


  1. says

    David, thanks so much for posting the video. I’ve already got people asking me what the next one is going to be. No pressure, right?

    Amy Black (aka Debby)

    • David says

      Hi Amy,
      I appreciate you stopping by and commenting.
      Debby is a big hit around here – can’t wait to see what you do next (going to be a tough one to beat!!) So the pressure is on :-)
      Take care!

  2. Linda Kosidlo says

    I love this video, it’s too funny. It also brought back many memories. It was shot at the mill where I used to work when 1) it was a textile mill and I was a cloth inspector for one summer and 2) Mercury Computer was located there for a few years and we’d take advantages of long lunches in Lowell at the various Asian restaurants. – Linda

    • says

      Hey Linda, so you were a Lowell Girl eh? I’d thought the mills had been closed too long ago for you to work there.

      I’d love to have offices (or even live) in one of those buildings.

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