Blog of the Week – Copyblogger

I thought it would be helpful to highlight a blog each week that I have found to be particularly helpful or exciting to read.

It might be that I’m the last person on the web to discover Copyblogger, but just in case there is one other person out there, I’m making this the first Blog of the Week.

A lot of people might have great ideas as to content for their blog, but find that their writing skills are not quite good enough. I’m certainly in that category, so you will understand why I’m so excited with all the great information Copyblogger makes available.

Copyblogger was started in 2006 by Brian Clark and gets 140,000 unique visitors per month. Looks as though Brian produced something pretty good.

So head over to and start to absorb some of the fantastic content Brian and his team have gifted to us. If you notice that the quality of writing on my site actually starts to improve, you’ll know who to thank. (Hey I know I’ve a long way to go – you have to start somewhere!)

Copyblogger is one of the best resources on-line and is the first Totally Incorrect Blog of the Week.

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