Blog of the Week – Viral Garden

vglogoNo this blog isn’t about improving ones homegrown vegetables by introducing a virus into your garden, it is Mack Collier’s Social Marketing Blog.

Mack is a well known evangelist and speaker on all things social media and is especially known for introducing organizations to blogging and helping them communicate with their clients in new and exciting ways. He is also the originator of the excellent #blogchat at Twitter.

The Viral Garden has everything a successful blog needs; good content that is frequently updated and a writing style that is informative, but conversational.

If you are a marker looking to embrace Social Media, I’d suggest adding Mack’s blog to your list of RSS feeds – I certainly did. Also, go through the archives to see some of the helpful information that is lurking there. You can use Mack’s consulting service as well if you wish.

Check out the blog and you’ll see why The Viral Garden is this week’s Blog of the Week.


    • David says

      Hi Mack, thank you for stopping by and commenting.

      Thank you as well for all the inspiration. See you at #blogchat !!



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