David’s Quick Blog Tip III – iPhone

bncI know that a lot of our readers like to visit using their iPhones. As an enthusiastic iPhone owner myself, I’m totally aware that the mobile version of Safari isn’t always perfect when it comes to reading blogs.

Enter a Canadian company, Brave New Code. These guys are clearly wizards when it comes to WordPress and they have developed a plugin called WPtouch. This is simple to install and it serves up an iPhone (or iPodTouch) friendly to visitors using these devices.

iphonessI had tried a couple of similar plugins in the past but never been happy enough to actually use on my site. WPtouch meets my requirements of being simple to install, easy to configure and – well it works. (It is free as well).  Other than uploading one custom icon for the new theme, the only change I had to make was to exclude the category with my Twitter feed from the homepage, to reduce the clutter. The whole setup took less than five minutes. The iPhone template is simple, but I really like it.

So if you have a blog and want to improve the experience of your iPhone and Touch visitors, look at using WPtouch.

That’s David’s quick blog tip!

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