Electronics New England – Nepcon

I’m at the Nepcon show in Boston for the next couple of days.

I’ll be posting reports and updates at Twitter so check in when you get a chance: Twitter Nepcon Search

If you are at the show come and say hello at booth 1017 – Winco ID.

Just got home at the end of the first day and have a few thoughts.

Firstly, the show was better attended than I had expected. The show organizers had done a really poor job of focusing the show and promoting it, but people seemed to visit in spite of this. This is really good because it shows that the old Nepcon show does still have a following and there is still a vibrant manufacturing sector in New England – even though things might be tough right now.

One thing that is interesting is that there is very little buzz about ENE or Nepcon in Social Media. Click on the Nepcon Twitter search in my link above and all the posts (with one exception) are mine. It seems that neither the exhibitors or the visitors are using Social Media to communicate about the event .

My other main thought is that I don’t believe people involved in the show are making the most of the networking opportunity. Many of the visitors seem reluctant to get involved in conversations and a lot of the exhibitors don’t seem to want to either.

There is one day left of the show so if you are attending prove me wrong. Use Twitter or some other Social Media site to let people know of your experience at the show. Talk to as many people as you can while you are here – who knows you might learn something useful.

I believe 100% that business = communication. If you are in the New England Electronics manufacturing business it is time to start communicating.


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    Hey David, John and Harry:
    Best of luck at the Electronics New England show tomorrow. I hope you get to chat with our customers and some new people as well. I hope the new labeling workstation will be helpful to those who have to comply with MIL-STD-130, MIL-STD-129 or just wants to improve their labeling process.


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