12for12k Hospice of Peel

One thing is for sure – none of us are going to be around for ever and a lot of us are going to be needing special care when our time here is almost done.

Hospice of Peel is a special place in the Toronto area that provides both in hospice and at-home care for those needing it. The organization depends on donations to carry out its good services so this is an opportunity for people to help.

There is much more information over at the 12for12k site.

And seeing as our time here is limited, it is important we make the most of every day. This includes making a difference to people’s live by helping great causes such as 12for12k. It looks as though things are slowing down a bit, so we need to step it up! Maybe it is time for Danny Brown to raffle off his hat!

Just as an update, I’m really pleased that Totally Incorrect is now an Official Blog Partner of The 12for12k Challenge.


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