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When I first visited these good old United States, something that hit me was the number of coaches there are running around in sports. It seems as though there are more coaches than there are players.

Look at American Football, you telling me that, after four years of doing nothing at college but plying football, a guy can’t figure out who to throw the ball to? And what about baseball, are the players so dumb that they can’t decide whether the ball has been hit far enough for them to make a decision as to whether to amble over to second base or hang around chitchatting with the first baseman about the latest boutique steroids?

Crazy, and I’m convinced that this explains why the USA will never win the World Cup. How is anyone supposed to know where to kick the ball without the grumpy tones of Bill Belichick in his ear telling him which goal he is supposed to be heading towards?

I know what you are thinking – Holliday has finally gone completely off his rocker! Well you are wrong (I think!) because my Blog of the Week for this week has everything to do with coaching. This is because as well as trying to solve the unemployment problem by having 35,000,000 sports coaches, America seems to have a similar number of Life Coaches and my Blog of the Week belongs to one of these strange creatures.

I know what you’re thinking “Life Coaches? WTF?”  I thought that as well, but despite overwhelming evidence that this is not a very good idea, I’ve decided to go out on a limb and make The Discomfort Zone by Tim Brownson this week’s Blog of the Week. Mr. Brownson is …….. (sharp intake of breath) ……..a Life Coach!!

There are certainly times I could use a Life Coach. Someone to make me get up at 5.00 every morning, run 10 miles before breakfast etc. Actually, The Discomfort Zone is nothing like this at all.

In his blog, Tim writes about lots of aspects of life, about ideas and really makes you think. If you are a skimmer, forget it. No short, concise and to the point quickie posts here. Tim clearly takes the time to craft well thought out stories and to really enjoy them you need to allocate some quality reading time.

If, like me, you have no idea what Life Coaching is all about, you can learn all about it at Tim’s site as well.

So, Mr. Tim Brownson is an interesting guy with a very thought provoking blog. I get the impression that (despite the fact he is clearly from the wrong side of the Pennines) he would be a great guy to go for a beer and a chat with – I’ll have to try and get to interview him for Totally Incorrect some day!

So The Discomfort Zone by Tim Brownson is a worthy Blog of the Week!

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