5 Stupid Arguments

One of the newer additions to my Google Reader list is the excellent Legends of Aerocles blog by David Tetcher.

A recent story that caught my eye was not by David, but was written by a guest, Amanda Fontaine.

The title of the post is 5 Stupid Arguments Against Starting a Social Media Program which, to be fair, is rather hard to miss.

In here post, Amanda lists her 5 top excuses along with a rebuttal for each of them. All good points and a nice read. There are some more good points in the comments as well.

As usual with good posts, this got me thinking – always a good thing. I’d say that resistance to implementing social media into an organization is no different to the resistance to change that comes every time there is a new innovation. You are always going to get the “early adopters” who embrace change and want to throw away everything that came before. Then the more mainstream people who are going wait for this crazy new idea to prove itself, but will happily jump on-board when they can see it works. There will also be the group that hates change and always wants to stay firmly in their comfort zone.

I believe the key to getting your company on-board with the whole “social media as a marketing tool” is to introduce in small non-threatening steps. Show how the new marketing techniques will not disrupt what you are already doing – on the contrary they can enhance your existing marketing and make it more effective. Maybe start with blogging – pretty easy to understand and can be easily integrated with your PR, emails etc.

Rember, social media on its own isn’t going to achieved anything. The secret of success is a balanced marketing program using the best tools for your particualr needs.

Good post Amanda!

Have you had resistance to introducing social media into your organization? How did you get over it?

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