Another good reason to use Firefox

Today I had a nasty shock. I was at my office and had occasion to check out Chris Brogan’s blog in Google Reader.

You probably think this isn’t a big deal and indeed, I do this everyday from my home office. So anyway  not being aware of my predicament, I happily navigated to Mr. Brogan’s feed to be confronted by ………………. Google ads in the RSS feed AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

This happened early this morning and I’m still annoyed. I’ve always looked at RSS as being a safe haven from the nasty  world of advertising and my illusion was shattered.

Of course, the reason I was confronted by this horror was that at the office I’m stuck with using Internet Explorer whereas at home I use Firefox with Adblock plus.

Being a nice guy, I’d hate others to be confronted by this kind of thing. So please, ditch IE and make sure you are using Firefox and Adblock plus – the best way to deal with those pesky ads.

By the way I didn’t mean to single out Chris Brogan, who’s blog I read and enjoy everyday. His is the only example I saw before fleeing back to my cocooned ad free zone.

What about you? Are you bothered by ads or are you OK with it? Do you have any personal ad avoidance strategy?

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