Blog Of the Week – Danny Brown

Danny Brown’s blog is my blog of the week.

For this week I had planned to make a change from my usual Social Media type blogs and move to somewhere else – photography to be precise. I knew exactly which blog I wanted to talk about – one that has really helped me with improving the photography for my wedding photo business.

The only problem is that this Danny Brown guy has been getting in my head all week and I’m wondering if putting some thoughts about what he is doing into this post will help get him out.

If you’ve not come across him before, this Brown character is a north of the border person twice over. He’s a Scottish guy who now lives in Canada – maybe it’s a character flaw!

The question is how the heck did this person get to take up residence in my head? I think there are a couple of reasons for this. One is that everywhere I go in the Internet these days he is there – almost as though he has figured out my likely destinations and decided to camp out there, waiting! He is all over Twitter for example It is impossible to take part in any of the #chats without seeing his avatar. To make it worse, he is making comments all the time as well.

So in an effort to escape, I might head over to some blogs. Same thing; there he is again, ready to ambush me. If he isn’t being talked about he is posting in the comments or – gasp – guest blogging. I’m seriously considering contact Al Gore and warning him that his invention is being taken over.

The main reason for Danny Brown being in my head is that all these Tweets, blog posts, comments and guest blogs make me think. I’m still a newcomer to the whole Social Media thing and I have so much to learn. I wouldn’t necessarily suggest Reading Danny Brown’s to get any answers, although there are certainly some there. I find that after reading his work I am questioning what I think I already know. Danny Brown challenges me by showing how little I really know and how much there is to learn.

Oh – if you’ve seen the 12for12k logo on my site, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that Danny Brown is the founder of that as well.

If you’d like to take the risk of reading some of Danny Brown’s work, head over to his blog at If your business is trying to get to grips with how to integrate this trendy Social Media thingy into your marketing plan you can also check his business site

Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

What do you think of Danny Brown and his approach to Social Media? Is he someone who has gotten it together, or just a Scottish guy with poor fashion sense when it comes to headwear?


  1. says

    And now I’m here…

    Hopefully I’m more than just a name with a hat – but who knows? An acquired taste, perhaps? ;-)

    Although it’s good to see you asking questions after reading something by me – that’s all I ever want to do, is start the conversation. The real magic happens when you take the idea and make it 10 x better.

    Thanks for warning people about me – you can never be too careful these days… ;-)

    Cheers, David, appreciate you offering up some of your blog real estate and see you online. :)

  2. David says

    Thanks for stopping by Danny. I certainly hope you continue making me have to think hard. It’s what it is all about!


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