California Gay Marriage Ban

I’m a straight guy and live in a state that until recently was considered pretty conservative. I am also a wedding photographer and I have never, not once photographed a same sex wedding or commitment. There is a very good reason for this no, not because I have any issues with the concept, but I’ve never been asked – I’d have no problem photographing any wedding¬† if we clicked (no pun intended) with the couple.

I’m a huge believer that people should be free to do as they wish, assuming they don’t do anything that will affect other people in the process. If two people (any two people) want to get married, what is it to do with me?

So I’m rather surprised and a bit dismayed at the vote in California to uphold the ruling that marriage is only for heterosexual couples. I certainly hope that civil rights organizations are able to put this crazy decision right at some point – the California decision is a big step backwards. And what about the 1,800 couples already married in the state? How can you say they are married but not allowing the same thing for others?

Here in New Hampshire we have same sex marriage going through the legislature. I hope that Governor Lynch has the bollocks to sign it.

So what’s next for California? A ban on mixed race marriage? Sometimes the law is indeed an ass!!

Do you agree or are your views different to mine? How should this issue be resolved at a national level?

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  1. Hater of Evil says

    What was a woman made for? Probably you would say it was a mistake?

    Where would you have come from, if you did not have a man and a woman have sexual intercourse to conceive you. Are you so ungrateful to life?

    I challenge you to investigate the challenge of the knowledge of a supreme being responsible for the state of things in the world today.

    • David says

      Thanks for the comment. You probably didn't read my post, but if you
      did you would have seen that I'm not gay.

      Just because I support the right of same sex couples to marry, doesn't
      mean that I personally want to do it =)

  2. says

    I'm with you on this one…
    In my view (I'm a straight, married woman in Scotland!) it's even un-christian to deny other people the right to the kind of happiness marriage can bring.

    We don't all need to breed – imagine the population problems!

    I love your blogs by the way!

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