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I’ve never met her, but I like Beth Harte. I like the way she isn’t some started yesterday social media marketing chick. She has obviously been in marketing/PR for a while and she has a good grounding in what is going on.

One thing I really like is that although Beth has certainly embraced social media, she sees it as just one tool in a comprehensive toolkit.

This is especially clear if you read her post “New, Old, Simple, Easy… Shifting from words to experience” over on her blog.

What I really like about Beth’s post is that she sees “integrated marketing’ as coming back to the forefront.

Actually, I don’t think it has really ever gone anywhere, it’s just that trendy things (such as social media) have had a monopoly on marketing speak for a while.

Beth is 100% right. What she called integrated marketing is to me balanced marketing. What this means is that to be successful it is necessary to use all the tools available (in the right balance of course) to get to the desired result. To me this is how marketing can be at its most powerful.

The other interesting thing about this post is the little micro community that appeared in the comments – go check it out it is really interesting. I reminds me just how important community is today – regardless of how big.

Did you read Beth’s post? What do you think, is she right?


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