David’s Blog Tip IV – Dialup Guide

OK, come clean – you’ve found your way to the Totally Incorrect blog and you’re thinking “Wowzer!!!!! that is just soooo cooool – I need to have my own blog!!”

Hmm, well, maybe you are not quite thinking that, but you still might be feeling you’d like to get into this blog lark. I’d encourage you to do so because it can be very rewarding on a lot of levels.

Of course, figuring out just how to get started can be a bit of a challenge and more than a little daunting for a newcomer.

I learned just today that things have gotten a touch easier. My friend on Twitter, Gavin Heaton (on Twitter he is @servantofchaos – how cool is that) has spent a lot of his time writing a fantastic blogging guide that is perfect for beginners.

Quite apart from the fact you should be following Mr. Chaos anyway, just because he is a good guy, if you are considering starting or have just started a new blog, his book is required reading. I tell you, it beats doing it the hard way and learing all this stuff by making mistakes as I did.

You can get the Dialup Guide to Blogging for $10 for a real book or $7.50 for the eBook version. Go here for more info or to order.

Oh – if you are wondering, I have nothing to gain financially if you buy this book. I’m suggesting it just because I think it could make life easier for new bloggers.

If you do buy the book let me know what you thought of it. Also please let me know of any other good reads for bloggers.

Want to read more Servant of Chaos – head over to Gavin’s blog here.


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