David’s Twitter Newbie Tip II

Congratulations – you’ve gotten the job to deal with Social Media at your company – a license to play around in Twitter and Facebook while everyone is working!

On Twitter, all you need to do is get some followers and you are away.

Here’s a thought though – a small thing but important to me:

I hang out on Twitter whenever I have some time and I love to communicate with people. That’s the key word – PEOPLE! If we have interests in common, I’d be really happy happy to network and chat with you – that’s you the person. If you use a corporation or organization name, I lose interest rapidly, no matter how great the company might be.

If you feel the need to include your business name, fine. I’d have no issue chatting with Steve_at_Apple, but just Apple? No thanks – how do I even know it’s the same person each time?

So that’s my latest Twitter newbie tip. If you want to communicate with me (or people who think like me) keep it at a personal level.

Have fun with Twitter!!


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