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This week I’ve been busy exhibiting at the Winco ID booth at Eastec – the Society of Manufacturing Engineers show in Springfield. Mass.

Although greedy big businesses have really tried to destroy US manufacturing, it is great to see that it still thrives here in the North East. Sorry about the groovy music. when i get a chance I’ll get shot of it.

Update: >> Just got back home from the show and I’ve uploaded the new version on the video – groovy music is history!! I made it on one of the little Flip camcorders so not Oscar winning quality I’m afraid :-)

Were you at Eastec? If you were, I’d love to know what you thought of the show.


    • David says

      Thanks Linda, sometimes I think I’m just having too much fun with all this. I’ll try and get more video tomorrow.

  1. says


    We represent EASTEC from a PR perspective and I wanted to both thank you and congratulate you on your video – it is a great overview of EASTEC and the importance of precision manufacturing to the region. Keep it up and let me know when and if you post more. I’ll be passing this on to the EASTEC folks and will also tweet it today.


    • David says

      Hey thank you John. I think I have way more fun at these events than I really should.

      I’ll be updating the video when I get home this evening – I was here early this morning and got more material.

  2. says

    Excellent overview of Eastec and the importance of manufacturing. Last week I attended the Annual ConnStep Conference on Manufacturing in Connecticut. It was exciting to see so many manufacturers positive and upbeat and moving forward.

    • says

      Hey Kathy,

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. Sorry you didn’t get to visit the show, it would have been great to meet you off-line.

      I’m uploading the new version of the little video – should be ready in a bit :-)


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