Milltronics – a Sincere Company

You might just have read my recent story complaining about how fed up I am with companies pretending that they appreciate the people that work for them – then promptly outsourcing everything and laying them off. It often seems to me that when a business makes a big deal in their marketing about how great the people are, or how well they take care of their customers, it’s often just BS.

When I drove into the Eastec show last week and saw that the event was sponsored by a company called Milltronics making the claim that “Our people make the difference”, I was ready to be annoyed.

Milltronics is a manufacturer of CNC machine tools, an industry that is dominated by big companies from Asia. I was fully expecting the “Our people make the difference” to be just the usual marketing BS.

As it happens, I was in for a pleasant surprise. When I visited the Milltronics booth, I made the great discovery that they actually manufacture their products here in the US. Better yet, this is one company that does seem to appreciate that business is about people. On all of the Milltronics machines at the show was a label with a list of the companies employees – the people responsible for designing, building and supporting the machine.

Impressive, a company that gets it!

Personally, I am not someone that purchases machine tools, so there is very little chance I would ever do business with them (unless they buy some Winco labels of course!) but if I were the owner of a machine shop or manufacturing company, I would be wanting to purchase from an American company that supports its American employees rather than any of the big Asian companies.

Nice one Milltronics!

Milltronics gets a mention in my Eastec video too.

Do you know any organizations that are sincere about supporting their employees and US Industry? Let me know and I’ll be happy to feature them.

Here’s one already – Brogan posted about Maker’s Mark today; another good example.


  1. Troy Owen says

    I think you should stick to criticizing companies you know somthing about. I don't work for Milltronics, but I am a satisfied customer for over 10 years. I know the founder, the management, the people but at the end of the day, it's still a business. I employ 25+ people in my own company and I do whatever is necessary to make sure they are taken care of and treated fairly and they don't need a union's hand around my neck to make sure I do. Your a real idiot. You should make better use of your time, like trying to better yourself rather than tear down US companies that employ americans. Check out

  2. Troy Owen says

    I retract……..I misread your article……I thought you were claiming that Milltronics was “totally incorrect” I was rushig to their defense.

    • David says

      Hi Troy,

      Yes, it was the fact that the Milltronics owners obviously have a very high regard for their people that caused me to write about them. It's great to see an American company actually recognizing that it is the people that make the business at a time when so many are rushing to outsource jobs.

      I appreciate you coming back to update your response – I do admit to being an idiot sometimes though =)

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