One Small Tweet For a Man

Twitter has been in the news a lot of late. What with unparalleled grown, the first person to get a million followers (I still have no idea who this guy even is), the arrival of Oprah and the 300,000 people who came with her (most of whom will have left just as quickly), there have been a lot of milestones reached.

For me though, the most significant Twitter news happened to day – Tuesday May, 12 2009. This was the day day that Mike Massimino, a NASA Astronaut became the first person to Tweet from space!

On Twitter Mike is @Astro_Mike and you really should follow him if you are a Twitter user. I think it is amazing he documents his day just as though he was going to work just like you or me! He is actually on the Space Shuttle mission where he is going to be spacewalking to fix the Hubble Telescope – not quite your 9-5 job!

So here is the historic Tweet from Space

Great stuff Mike!!

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