Sick of insincere businesses?

I don’t always agree with Chris Brogan (no problem with that and I do read his blog everyday), but his recent post “Shut-the-hell-up-you-self-promoting-turd” caught my eye and not just for the attention grabbing headline.

Chris was complaining about the way a lot of companies insist of forcing old style marketing messages at us constantly, even when we all know they don’t work – rather like he does with his Thesis themes ads, actually.

So, anyroad up, the post got me thinking and my mind drifted towards things companies say and how this compares to what they do. Hmm, what do I mean?

First, I’m thinking of the businesses that go on and on on the “about us” part of their website about how the people are the most important thing about their organization. These are the businesses that promptly outsource manufacturing to China and make sad users have to try and deal with non-English speaking tech support in India. As soon as there is a dip in the economy these “really important and the real strength of the business” people are suddenly out on the street. They were just so important eh?

And then there are the companies who put a dumb “we take care for our customers” tagline on their logo. The kind of businesses that refuse to help clients when something is clearly covered by a warranty. Want to get a good reputation for fantastic customer service? Why not try actually doing it, rather than making it just marketing BS?

So here’s the deal – these days it is so easy for your clients and potential clients to find out just how an organization operates. You are not going to fool anyone with BS anymore. Your employees and customers deserve better.

To quote Mr Brogan: “Shut up! Just stop it.”


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