Upgrade WordPress with StudioPress

I’ve been using Brian Gardner’s WordPress themes for most of the time I’ve been blogging and I have themes from three of his generations.

Our Labeling News and UniqueDay blogs as well as Totally Incorrect are all based on Brian’s themes. There are good reasons for this.

First, the quality of Brian’s themes is always top notch. His attention to detail is brilliant and you know that you are getting the best out of WordPress. Because the themes are published under the GPL, you are welcome to customize and change them to your hearts content.

StudioPress is the latest generation of Brian’s work and Totally Incorrect is based on his Metro Theme. What is really good is that the theme is pretty good right out of the box (or right from the download) but it is easy to customize without having to be a php or html expert. Check out the Showcase gallery and you’ll see that the only limit is the limit of one’s imagination.

So quite apart from the fact that the templates are really good, the other big reason to go with StudioPress is the support. Once you purchase a StudioPress package you get access to the firat class support forum where knowledgeable users as well as Brian himself pitch in to help answer questions and solve problems.

Good example, I broke something on Totally Incorrect today and posted a question in the support forum. Brian answered in about 5 minutes. Turned out the problem was totally self inflicted (a bad setting in a plugin), but it is reassuring to know that the support is always there.

So, it would be true to say I’m a very happy customer. I’m really looking forward to new template releases from StudioPress because I’m always looking to make my sites better.

Disclaimer – I’m a happy client of StudioPress and also an affiliate member. Navigate to the StudioPress site by way of the logos on my blog, buy something and I will make a few bucks. Must be good!

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