Blog of the Week: Vlad Dolezal

According to Wikipedia, Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia, more commonly known as Vlad the Impaler (Vlad Ţepeş), or simply in Romainian Dracula (November/December 1431 – December 1476), was a Wallachian (present-day southern Romania) Voivode.

Um, excuse me a second …… what’s that? Oh, wrong Vlad!

Sorry about that; let’s start again.

Vlad Dolezal is a blogger who lives in Leeds – life there is just as exciting as that led by the other Vlad. Now, it so happens that my Dad is from Leeds and I’ve spent a lot a time there. This leads (no pun intended) me to believe that our friend Mr. Dolezal isn’t really a Leeds native, but I’m a sporting guy so I’ll let it go.

Vlad Dolezal is a great blogger. His blog shows up in my Google Reader as “An Amazing Mind” although he has recently changed the name to “Fun Life Development.” Whatever it’s called, you’ll find Vlad’s blog at I prefer the original title because this guy’s mind is indeed amazing.

Read any of his stories and you’d swear it is written by an older guy, someone who’s been around and experience a lot. You’d think the stories were were written by someone who has been studying for many years at the highest levels of philosophy. When you realise that the blog is written by a bloke studying mathematics at college you’ll be – well, amazed.

I’ve been reading Vlad’s work for quite a while and often thought that he needs to be Blog of the Week sometime. Two of his recent posts have ensured that he gets this unique accoclaid. The first one was where Vlad announced that since he is a huge open source fan, he felt it was only right to change the copywrite licence for his blog. So now Fun Life Development blog is licensed under the WTFPL Licence. Go and read his post about it right now.

The other post is the one about his “Free Hugs” session. Vlad actually went out onto the mean streets of Leeds with a big sign offering free hugs. Crazy or what – I mean no one in their right mind would do this; least of all in Leeds. His story of the day is just so funny and inspirational.

No question, Vlad Dolezal is an inspirational guy. That’s why he is the writer of this weeks Blog of the Week!!

Sorry about all the Vlad the Impaler references Vlad. I know I’m hardly being original – just couldn’t help it :-)


  1. Marcus says

    This post is like tribute to him and i thinking most of the time Vlad’s work for quite a while and often thought that he needs to be Blog of the Week sometime. Now that time comes..But you can post about him and there are plenty of things about him..
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