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If you use Twitter, you might have noticed that Tweetboard Alpha has been a (possibly rather annoying) trending topic of late. The developer has been using Twitter to get peopel to sign up for the alpha testing program.

I’m not sure I like that kind of marketing, but it does seem to have worked – the developer 140ware has been overwelmed with requests try out the application.

Tweetboard is actually a pretty clever idea, one I was tempted to try out myself.

Basically it allows the site owner to set up a little tab that allows conversations to take place with visitors using Twitter. You’ll see the tab on the left side of your browser window. You can log in with your Twitter ID and we can have instant conversations as well as see my recent Tweets. The concept has been described as being a micro-forum: probably pretty close.

If I keep Tweetboard installed, it might well replace the Twitter widget I already have on the Totally Incorrect! homepage – I’m not really sure yet.

If you want to try out Tweetboard on your own site or blog, head over to the Tweetboard site.

There is also a good write up by Jennifer at Mashable.. She thinks it is a cool idea as I do. Will it stay on my site? Hmm, time will tell.

Is this something you’d use on your site? What do you think of the developer’s Twitter marketing methods? You can go ahead and let me know via the Tweetboard tab =)

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