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If you use Twitter to any extent you will have noticed that the Twitter website is not really that good at managing your activities. This is especially true if you follow a lot of people or want to get involved in any of the #chats.

Fortunately, when there is a problem a solution is often forthcoming and this is no exception. There are several desktop application designed to help improve the Twitter experience and the two most popular are Tweetdeck and Seesmic Desktop. These two applications have a lot in common. They are both based on Adobe’s Air platform and both allow for a number of different columns to be set up.Let’s take a look at them…

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail – there will be all kinds of techie reviews all over the Internet already. I will however, give you my thoughts on how each of them works for me personally – I’ll be interested to hear if you see things the same as I do or differently.


Seesmic Desktop

Both apps cover all the basics:

  • Multiple columns
  • Searches that update automatically
  • Facebook integration
  • Setting up of groups
  • managing conversations
  • Shorten and post links

Tweetdeck actually has more features including online sync for backup and the ability to customise the colours. Seesmic doesn’t seem to allow customising of the colours, but I must admit that I like the default Seesmic colours better than any I’ve been able to create with Tweetdeck. I also have not been able to get the Tweetdeck Facebook account working – this is more likely due to my incompetence than the app, but these things should be easy.

Tweetdeck also just came out with a shiny new iPhone app. I must say, I’m thinking that this has so much potential. It has a few problems, but for a 1.0 release it is just brilliant and also syncs with the desktop version.

Conclusion – if you need all the features or are a Twitter power user, Tweetdeck is the one to go for.

In my personal case, I’m not so sure. Both are fantastic apps that really enhance the whole Twitter experience and it is really hard to choose one over the other. At the moment I’m finding that, although I love the features and power of Tweetdeck, I find myself using Seesmic Desktop more. The interface is just that bit simpler and seems to fit into my usage a little bit better.

I have no doubt that Tweetdeck and Seesmic Desktop will both continue to evolve and improve. I wonder if my conclusion will be the same a couple of months from now?

You can learn more at the websites for the two applications


Do you use Tweetdeck or Seesmic? Which one is working better for you personally? What features would you like to see in new versions?

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