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I came across Mark Lovett, the Global Patriot guy during the recent 12for12k 24 hour event. Mark has had a successful business career and now is devoting a lot of his time to helping others.

Marks idea is that being a Global Patriot is different to being a National Patriot. While a National Patriot is concerned with people and events within a single country or region, the Global Patriot wants to do and create things that are good for everyone.

As someone living in a different continent to where I grew up, I can completely relate to this idea.

Mark reminds us in a post about patriotism that the concept has changed over the centuries and is still evolving today. It is very true that old style National Patriotism has been responsible for many of the wars over the past few hundred years as well as many of the problems we face today.

The key question Mark presents us with today is:

Can we envision patriotism from a global perspective…embracing patriotism without borders?

Personally I believe that not only we can, but we have to. That is also one of the features of the 12for12k campaign. While 12for12k certainly supports local charities (the Eye Care for Kids” in Utah being a great example) there has also been support on a global with UNICEF and more to come.

The Global Patriot concept fits in really well with 12for12k and the teams will be working closely together later this year. Both are natural tie ins with social media, which brings people from all over the world together. Maybe in time, social media will show just how artificial traditional borders are – letting people bypass the traditional blocks and communicate together directly.

Personally, I’m proud to call myself a Global Patriot and really pleased to have Global Patriot as Blog of the Week!

Where do you stand? Are you a Global Patriot? How should we be working together to make life better for everyone?


  1. says


    I love this idea and you couldn't have picked a more inspiring blogger. Mark is an amazing guy with a brilliant vision and I hope he pulls it off. The world needs more thought leaders like him.

    • David says

      Thanks Danny. What I really like is that people like Mark and yourself (with 12for12k) are using social media to do something that is really helping people.
      There are times when it is easy to get fed up with all the self promoters, spammers and BS so it is refreshing that the good guys are still out there.

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    I can only say that I'm honored to have Global Patriot selected as blog of the week. On a daily basis I encounter like-minded individuals who feel the only way to solve the world's problems is by working together, without borders or barriers of any kind keeping us apart. Many thanks to those to support the cause!

    • David says

      Hey Mark, thank you for visiting and for commenting.
      What you are doing with Global Patriot is fantastic and I hope that more and more people get involved.
      I'm looking forward to seeing what 12for12k can do with you later in the year.

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