Mass Innovation Night – #MIN4

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I just got home from the latest in the series of Mass Innovation Nights and a very nice night it was.

Mass Innovation Nights is helpd each month at the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation in Waltham – a really cool building.

The idea is to give innovators the opportunity to network with the social media world, the main stream media and each other. It is a concept that works really well.

As always there were some really cool ideas on show – here are some of my highlights.

I have been known the enjoy the occasional glass of wine and Drync is a very nice iPhone app for wine enthusiasts.

You can use it to research wine, to remember wines that you enjoy and to order wines right from the app. I liked it enough to have purchased the Pro version (I hate apps that contain ads) and I’m looking forward to trying it out. I’ll write a review of the app when I have had the chance to try it out. The Drync website is a WordPress blog which is rather cool as well.

There were 3 companies that were offering means of delivering ads. Since I am the marketing guy who hates being confronted with ads, I wasn’t too sure about these. Two of them, Jittergram and KaOoga! serve up ads as text messages. The good news is that they are opt-in only so I won’t have to see them.

Jittergram Dude

Jittergram Dude

I got to chat with the Jittergram guys and must admit that their system does have some nice features. These can be interactive, rather like the barcode marketing campaign I wrote about a while ago – all to make it easy for retailers to use without mods to their point of sale systems.

It seems that mobile is the next new frontier for marketers so I probably need to get used to the idea. I just hope there will be a mobile version of Adblock at some point, because I’m sure it won’t be long before these kinds of companies (not the two here, which are very ethical) start to abandon the opt-in rule.

The other ad serving idea was from Intuit – yes, the people who make Turbotax and Quickbooks – and is called Lasso. I’m sad to have to say that they have developed an application to serve up ads on Facebook.

I really hope that the ad blocking software people are able to stay ahead of this kind of thing, I don’t like interruption based advertising.

OK, onto better things. There were two companies on display that I will probably use at some point.

Webnotes is a way to annotate and highlight documents (PDFs and web pages) to use in research and collaboration. Webnotes is simple, but looks as though it could prove to be really helpful.



There are several versions available, including a free one. Even the free version looks to have some pretty nice features.

My favorite idea form the evening was StudioShare. This is a simple but really clever concept, based on the fact that there are many photography studios that are under utilized and a lot of photographers without their own studio who could use one from time to time.

The concept of Studioshare is to get these two groups together. It can also facilitate sharing of equipment such as camera bodies and lenses.

I have a wedding photography business, but have never been able to justify the expense of a studio for the limited amount of studio work I do. You can see why I like this idea.

Bobbie and Dan served up yet another really great Mass Innovations Night – thanks guys!

Were you at #MIN4? What were your impressions? Am I too harsh with my views on companies wanting to bring ads to social media platforms?

Here are a few more images from the evening:


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