Social Media – keeping it under control

It seems to be ironic writing this on the day that Facebook has acquired FriendFeed, but I have to say, I’m feeling that social media has been taking up too much of my time.

To be honest my use of social networking sites is a lot less than many people, but I’m finding that 3 blogs, 2 Twitter accounts, 2 FriendFeed accounts, Posterous, Facebook etc is getting to be way too much. Of course this is without my full-time sales and marketing job and our part-time wedding business (trying to help out with 12for12k as well)! I have a feeling of being overwhelmed with the whole social media thing and it is time to make it fun again. The question is; how to deal with it before I turn into a whiny complainer!

So I have a plan that seems to be working. It is actually working because I’ve added two new tools to my already full toolbox:

Posterous – which I wrote about the other day. – a great way to post to Twitter and to the Labeling News blog.

So here is how it all works:

Personal stuff.

I’m mainly interested in networking on Twitter with a little Facebook thrown in – mainly for family connections. I’m not quite as active on Twitter as before, mainly because of work pressures, but I’m still there quite often. Posterous is really helping with this because I can post one of my photos there and have it auto post to both my Twitter and Facebook accounts – very nice. Posting to Posterous is so fast (send image as an email attachment), that keeping up with my goal of one image per day is no problem. To be fair, the fact that my Posterous posts seem to be about one or two words long seems to help as well.

I’ve been slacking a bit with post to Totally Incorrect, which I need to work on getting back on track. When I do post here, I’ll often mention the fact on Twitter as well as post a link on Facebook.

I currently have Totally Incorrect and my Twitter account both post to FriendFeed as well so I have a presence there,  albeit in auto post only mode – I don’t do anything else on FriendFeed and rarely visit the site. It is worth noting that I can’t currently auto post from Facebook to FriendFeed after the Facebook guys messed about with the feeds. I’m sure this will change soon ;-)

My accounts on Linkin and Scribnia are pretty much dormant at the moment, although one or another of my blogs is updated in my profile there. Linkedin seems to be full of people either looking for a job or trying to sell me their schemes, I’m not interested in either. Scribnia I like a lot, but I feel it takes time to really get involved there. I plan to get back to it after the end of our wedding season here.

Winco ID Social Media

Our social media marketing efforts at Winco ID are built around the Labeling News blog. This has been working out very well and is well worth the time invested. I’m really lucky to have Kathy and Linda involved in this project which is only going to get better. One thing I try to do is to post at least 4 or 5 links of news about labeling or RFID to the Labeling News Twitter account everyday. These are also posted to the Labeling News FriendFeed account and from there to the FrendFeed widget in the Labeling News sidebar.

Because I’m blocked from Twitter at work (yes, really see my post about social media and the IT guy) I use to both shorten the links and to post to the Twitter account – brilliant move, it I say so myself! There isn’t really much conversation going on in the Labeling News Twitter account – I use my @_djh account for that – but it is getting a steady stream of new followers, even if most of them seem to want me to check out their nude profile!

I like to post the Labeling News blog stories in our business Facebook page too – currently this is a manual operation that I’ll automate soon. I’m really hoping that we will see more automation between Facebook and FriendFeed after the acquisition.

UniqueDay Blog

Currently this blog which I use for my wedding business is very much standalone. This is something that really needs a total refresh which I’m sure will happen this winter. I also have the @UniqueDay Twitter account which is really just a placeholder at this time.

So there it is – my complete social media strategy. Adding Posterous and to the mix has really helped, along with the easy integration that FriendFeed offers.  How does my plan compare compare to yours? Do you find time to get involved in a lot of networks or do you focus on just a couple?


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