Marketing in the AIDC business

If you read Totally Incorrect, or follow my updates at Twitter, you’ll know that my day job is with a company in the labeling and barcode business – this is called AIDC or Automatic Identification and Data Capture. That’s a funny way of saying we identify people and stuff with barcodes, RFID and even text or photos.

To help our clients solve their business problems, we use products from a number of different suppliers that we build into solutions. I’ve just got home from spending the day at a partner meeting for one of the major manufacturers in our industry and it was painful!

I shouldn’t single these guys out (and I’m not naming names for this reason) because just about all the companies in our industry are the same. They all want to talk product, they want to talk speeds and feeds, they want to talk 3G, 3.75G, WiFi, BlueTooth etc. There was very little mention of customers and the problems they have when they go to work. No discussion on coming up with answers to these problems – just more speeds and feed.

Sorry guys, it is time to wake up! No-one cares!!

Customers couldn’t care less about whether this mobile device can be dropped from 4 ft or 5 ft. Who is even slightly interested in how the download speed on this device is a tad faster than this one – THEY DON’T BLOODY CARE!

Your customers (who are my customers as well) just want answers to their problems and for someone to help them make their business better.

Somehow, the customer has gotten forgotten in this move to become more technical.

Who is going to help me give the customers the attention they deserve?


  1. says

    Definitely agree with this post. As a newcomer to the industry, I find myself lost in the jargon when trying to help customers solve their problems. It's important to remember that the “customer is queen and king!”

    • David says

      Indeed, sometimes there is just too much jargon and it would be better to try and simplify things.

      A lot of our clients are not techie people and are just looking for solutions to the issues they face everyday. We need to figure that out and actually help them.

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