12for12k Live!

Getting 12for12k out of our computers and right to real people – my friend Rich Marti organized a great live music event at The Rock Cafe in Rocky Hill, CT. This was all in support of Musicians on call – the 12for12k charity for October.

If you missed the event, you can check out my slideshow of images with the soundtrack coming from the live band.

Musicians on Call is a group of great people making life better for unwell people. Please support them. I have 8 Google Wave invites left and if you leave me a message in the comments that you’ve donated $35 or more, I’ll add you to the invite list. How’s that for a win-win!! (November 1st only)

Use the Chip-In widget below to contribute.


  1. islandsign says

    Jon Aston is my Marketing Partner, & has been tweeting about 12for12k for quite some time. As a musician, & someone interested in staying informed, &/or becoming familiar with new technology like google wave, Jon's latest was a tweet worth following, & similarily, Musicians on call is a cause worth supporting.

    And the Google invite was an enticing bonus, so I just donated $35 to the cause, under the name listed in the fields below. I hope I got my comment in on time for an invite!

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