Happy Birthday, America!!

Happy 4th of July.

In other news, Totally Incorrect is back!!

You may have noticed, that it has been rather a long time since the last post here.

You may think, this is just down to laziness. To a large extent you’re probably correct! However, I have been busy on a lot of other projects and that is my feeble excuse.

Anyway, Totally Incorrect is back! Does this mean there will be lots of new exciting content? To be honest, that remains to be seen. It must be said though, that with the US election, this is rather an interesting year. There should be no shortage of things to write about.

I find this election to be very different to the previous one. Last time it was all about finding a candidate to really make a difference. This election however, seems to be more a case of choosing the lesser of 2 evils. If you come back to totally incorrect, I can assure you you’ll know exactly where I stand!

As well as politics, I still plan to write about some of the other things-social media, marketing, religion and books. In fact, pretty much anything that I’m interested in at the time.

I hope you will stick around and in return I’ll promise to post more frequently than every 2 years or so!

Thank you and welcome to the new totally incorrect.com

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