Sprint and iPhone 5 Not Happy

iPhone 5 on Sprint? Bad idea!Sprint asked me to review my new iPhone 5. I did, but they decided not to publish it. I guess my opinion wasn’t so important to them after all.

Here is the review anyway:

I’ve been an iPhone user on AT&T for ages, iPhone 2, 3 and 4. As much as I dislike AT&T’s customer service and pricing, everything does basically work

On recommendation from friends using iPhone 4 and Android on Sprint, I switched over when iPhone 5 was released.

Not a good move. We have 3 phones and none stay connected to the network for any length of time – we always see the “could not activate cellular data” error. The only way to connect is to switch into and out of airplane mode. On the rare times the phones do connect, the network (on 3G even though Sprint has a laugh and charges for “premium data”) is amazingly slow – like 14.4 dialup would be faster.

As my daughter says “going to Sprint is like changing from a smartphone to an ordinary phone”

Oh – the phone my wife uses has a defect and gives horrible call quality, need to get it to the store for replacement.

If it worked, iPhone 5 would be OK. The 4 and 4s had way better build quality though. There are a lot of posts on the Sprint forums and elsewhere about the poor iPhone 5 performance.

Hopefully there will be a solution that doesn’t involve buying an iPhone 6 or switching to another carrier!

Steve Jobs must be turning in his grave – I can’t believe this is the experience he wanted his customers to have to endure!

So how about it, Sprint? You going to fix it?


  1. Vicki Hudson says

    The answer to “going to fix” is working on it with no foreseeable fix in the future. According to a sprint engineer who called me today as part of a trouble ticket, this is a “known” issue. It won’t be fixed until apple and sprint figure out 1) why the issue is occurring in the first place and 2) will probably require a software update fix. So, I was basically told that my phone’s “could not activate cellular data” issue would remain for the foreseeable future. The ticket was closed, since 1)known issue, 2) can’t fix currently 3) have a master ticket working.
    Reccommend everyone stuck with the iphone5 brick on the sprint network 1)file FCC complaint, 2) file a lemon law claim.
    Oh, this known issue is occurring in about ten or so cities across the country. There is an internal memo on the subject. So, some enterprising person might want to track that down and post it online. And no, the front end retail reps and service reps when you call in, they have no clue and have not been educated by sprint about the issue so they could at least provide decent help when a customer comes in.

    • David says

      Yes it seems to be the case, Vicki. Really poor, I must say.
      Seems that some of the people over on Sprint’s forums have been able to get out of their contracts and get refunded.

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