Social Media – keeping it under control

It seems to be ironic writing this on the day that Facebook has acquired FriendFeed, but I have to say, I’m feeling that social media has been taking up too much of my time. To be honest my use of social networking sites is a lot less than many people, but I’m finding that 3 […]

Why I’m Liking Posterous

When I heard about Posterous, I wondered if we really needed another social media platform. We already have Twitter for small posts and there are a ton of blogging and social bookmarking platforms out there for everything else. Being curious, I signed up for an account and checked it out. At that stage, this was […]

Totally Incorrect Podcast – July 2009

Alright – I’ve finished the first edition of the Totally Incorrect Podcast!!! You can listen in the little media player you should see below. Here are links to some of the stories and people mentioned in the podcast: Person of the Week: Brian Gardner The 12for12k Challenge Twitter for Business Guide Fool of the Week: […]

Social Media in Manufacturing

How can social media be integrated into a marketing plan for a manufacturing company that sells to other manufacturing companies? This post has been on my to-do list for a long time. When you bear in mind that I’m a social media enthusiast and a marketing manager for a manufacturing company, you’d think it would […]

Blog of the Week – Global Patriot

I came across Mark Lovett, the Global Patriot guy during the recent 12for12k 24 hour event. Mark has had a successful business career and now is devoting a lot of his time to helping others. Marks idea is that being a Global Patriot is different to being a National Patriot. While a National Patriot is […]

Social Media – Over Hyped?

You know what, I really like social media. I use some of the mainstream social media sites and I get a ton of value from them. On Twitter, I’ve met a lot of really cool people, learned so much about many subjects and discovered 12for12k. I use Facebook mainly to keep in touch with my […]

Why Support Eye Care for Kids?

A few days ago I wrote about Eye Care for Kids being the July charity for 12for12k. As the first charity of the second half of the year, this is quite a contrast to the June charity, UNICEF. Whereas UNICEF operates on a global scale, Eye Care for Kids works on a much smaller scale, […]

Mass Innovation Night – #MIN4

I just got home from the latest in the series of Mass Innovation Nights and a very nice night it was. Mass Innovation Nights is helpd each month at the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation in Waltham – a really cool building. The idea is to give innovators the opportunity to network with […]

My Social Media Avatar

I was inspired to write this story after reading this great article by Gina LaGuardia on her blog. In it Gina explains (much better than I could) what the 12for12k charity means to her and how important using the special avatar is for her. I strongly suggest you read what Gina has to say. It […]

12for12k – Eye Care for Kids

We are pleased that the July charity for 12for12k is Eye Care for Kids. This continues lasts months theme of using Social Media to raise funds for children who need help. Eye Care For Kids is based in Utah and helps kids throughout the state, focusing (no pun intended) on rural areas and the Native […]