The 411 Theme

I’m a huge fan of the WordPress themes from StudioPress. Just about every site I’ve put together over the last few years has been StudioPress based. Come to think of it, Totally Incorrect has used quite a few since I first set it up. Anyway, time to check out a brand new theme – The […]

Check out FedoraWeb – my new site

Finally, my marketing website – – is up and running. Looking for ideas to help your small business or a check up for your website? is the place. Need a more in-depth review or maybe some help with your digital marketing? is the place. There will be lots of content with small […]

Comcast – the Pain of Adding a Simple Feature

You Suck Comcast

So all I wanted to do was add one channel and remove one package from my Comcast service. Being an Internet business you’d assume they would be set up to make this easy to do online, right? Wrong – it is a hideously painful process that involves a never ending online chat person. This is […]

Sprint and iPhone 5 Not Happy

iPhone 5 on Sprint? Bad idea!

Sprint asked me to review my new iPhone 5. I did, but they decided not to publish it. I guess my opinion wasn’t so important to them after all. Here is the review anyway: I’ve been an iPhone user on AT&T for ages, iPhone 2, 3 and 4. As much as I dislike AT&T’s customer […]

Major Update Starting

I was thinking of setting up a new site, covering marketing, SEO and all that fun stuff. However, the more I thought about it, I realized that I had the perfect domain just sitting around, so Totally Incorrect is being reborn yet again. As well as cool new content, the site is having a whole […]