12for12k – Doctors Without Borders

September promises to be a fantastic month for The 12for12k Challenge. It is going to bring together three powerful ideas: 12for12k: The idea that regular people can use social media to get together and make the World better Global Patriot: Mark Lovett’s vision that patriotism needed be confined by national or regional boundaries – which […]

12for12k – UNICEF Believe in Zero

If you read Totally Incorrect regularly, you’ll know that I’m a huge supporter of the 12for12k Social Media for Good campaign. I’m really excited about the partnership that is just being announced for June. 12for12k has teamed up with the UN – playing with the big guys now – specifically UNICEF’s Believe in Zero Campaign. […]

California Gay Marriage Ban

I’m a straight guy and live in a state that until recently was considered pretty conservative. I am also a wedding photographer and I have never, not once photographed a same sex wedding or commitment. There is a very good reason for this no, not because I have any issues with the concept, but I’ve […]

Eastec Show – Video Blog

This week I’ve been busy exhibiting at the Winco ID booth at Eastec – the Society of Manufacturing Engineers show in Springfield. Mass. Although greedy big businesses have really tried to destroy US manufacturing, it is great to see that it still thrives here in the North East. Sorry about the groovy music. when i […]

Danny Brown Interview

This evening I had the chance to chat with Danny Brown – the 12for12k guy. Danny is kind enough to discuss his thoughts on Social Media marketing and how it fits in with a marketing plan. We also chat about the 12for12k charity and the exciting plans that are being put in place for the […]

Best Marketing Video Ever!

Winner of our Best Marketing Video Ever award! This is just amazing. To think this company is  practically our neighbor as well.  You have to stop what you are doing and watch Debby the Sales Rep!! By the way, I’m so jealous of their cool new offices in the mill building If you live in […]

Shades of Green – Down2Earth Expo


When I told people I know that I was thinking of going to Down2Earth, a tradeshow all about sustainable living and green products, I was met with surprised looks. I’d be the first to admit that I’m not the most tree hugging person around (actually, I’m one of the few who believe we have too […]