Another good reason to use Firefox

Today I had a nasty shock. I was at my office and had occasion to check out Chris Brogan’s blog in Google Reader. You probably think this isn’t a big deal and indeed, I do this everyday from my home office. So anyway¬† not being aware of my predicament, I happily navigated to Mr. Brogan’s […]

BlogChat – #blogchat Recap

#blogchat is the weekly Twitter chat about blogs and blogging, hosted by Mack Collier on Sunday evenings. This week the subject for discussion was “Blogs and SEO (Search Engine Optimization” and it was a lively conversation. The content covered included SEO WordPress plugins, the importance of good content and good titles, how to configure links […]

Milltronics – a Sincere Company

You might just have read my recent story complaining about how fed up I am with companies pretending that they appreciate the people that work for them – then promptly outsourcing everything and laying them off. It often seems to me that when a business makes a big deal in their marketing about how great […]

Eastec Show – Video Blog

This week I’ve been busy exhibiting at the Winco ID booth at Eastec – the Society of Manufacturing Engineers show in Springfield. Mass. Although greedy big businesses have really tried to destroy US manufacturing, it is great to see that it still thrives here in the North East. Sorry about the groovy music. when i […]

Mass Innovation Nights – #MIN2

As I mentioned in my little video podcast, this week was the second of the Mass Innovation Night events. I had missed the first, so I was really pleased to have the chance to attend the second one. Mass Innovation Nights is run by Bobbie Carlton of Carlton PR & Marketing along with Dan Englander […]

$50/Month Marketing Program: Part I

$50 Marketing Program: Part I OK, you have a small business, you have a great product or service an idea as to who would need it. Now you need to let your potential clients know who you are and how you can help them. Only downside? You are not exactly in a position to spend […]

$50/month marketing program – intro


So I’ve been thinking that it should be possible to put together a small business marketing program on a very small budget – say $50 per month. I’m planing to put together a series of posts on this topic, of which this is the first. Click on the link for a short audio presentation that […]

Why you really do need to blog

You really do need to blog – I’m not kidding! Well at least you need to blog if you have the responsibility of communicating with the clients of your organization. There really is no question in my mind, using a blog can really give you an edge over your competition, can help customers find you […]

Electronics New England – Nepcon

I’m at the Nepcon show in Boston for the next couple of days. I’ll be posting reports and updates at Twitter so check in when you get a chance: Twitter Nepcon Search If you are at the show come and say hello at booth 1017 – Winco ID. Just got home at the end of […]