Sprint and iPhone 5 Not Happy

iPhone 5 on Sprint? Bad idea!

Sprint asked me to review my new iPhone 5. I did, but they decided not to publish it. I guess my opinion wasn’t so important to them after all. Here is the review anyway: I’ve been an iPhone user on AT&T for ages, iPhone 2, 3 and 4. As much as I dislike AT&T’s customer […]

Storm in the Cloud

Storm in the Cloud I must confess I’d pretty much forgotten about the T-Mobile Sidekick. Some time ago, it seemed to be popular with the younger set as a texting and communication toy – I vaguely recollect my daughter telling me she wanted one, but iPhones and other cool devices consigned the Sidekick lust to […]

HootSuite – in-browser Twitter client

Over the last few weeks I’ve been getting frustrated with the various Twitter clients that use Adobe Air. These include Seesmic, Tweetdeck and Mixero. All have a lot of really nice features, but I’m finding that they just want too big a share of my system resources and when I want to close them I […]

Why I’m Liking Posterous

When I heard about Posterous, I wondered if we really needed another social media platform. We already have Twitter for small posts and there are a ton of blogging and social bookmarking platforms out there for everything else. Being curious, I signed up for an account and checked it out. At that stage, this was […]

Tweetboard – Twitter conversations

If you use Twitter, you might have noticed that Tweetboard Alpha has been a (possibly rather annoying) trending topic of late. The developer has been using Twitter to get peopel to sign up for the alpha testing program. I’m not sure I like that kind of marketing, but it does seem to have worked – […]

Mixero – another Twitter desktop app

Wow, there are starting to get to be a lot of desktop applications for Twitter. I’ve already written about two of the ones I use, Tweetdeck and Seesmic Desktop. Recently the Mashable guys compared 19 different apps – all designed be an improvement on using the actual Twitter website. I had never imagined there were […]

Tweetdeck – iPhone Twitter App

Unlike Danny Brown, I use my mobile Twitter apps alot – at least as much if not more than my desktop ones. For a while now, my mobile application of choice has been Tweetie which I wrote about here. I was therefore very interested when I discovered that a Tweetdeck application was going to be […]

Twitter Desktop Apps

If you use Twitter to any extent you will have noticed that the Twitter website is not really that good at managing your activities. This is especially true if you follow a lot of people or want to get involved in any of the #chats. Fortunately, when there is a problem a solution is often […]

Social Media & the IT Guy

Social Media and the IT Guy People who market to businesses, (I really don’t like the expression B2B but I guess that’s what it is) often seem to complain that social media marketing techniques are not as successful as they are when marketing to consumers. I’m not sure this is totally true, especially if you […]

Audio and Video Comments

One thing I like about the WordPress platform is that it is easy to use various types of media. I already have video and audio on the Totally Incorrect site and I plan on using more of each. Thanks to the nice guys at riffly.com, I can now include a new level of interactivity. Riffly […]