Olympics? 5 Reasons I’m Not Interested

Hmm, Olympics in London?

With the Olympic Games being held in my home country for the first time since 1948, you might think I’d be interested. Nothing would be further from the truth, the whole thing has become so awful that I have no intention of watching a single second. I don’t want to disrespect the fine athletes (well […]

Blog of the Week – Global Patriot

I came across Mark Lovett, the Global Patriot guy during the recent 12for12k 24 hour event. Mark has had a successful business career and now is devoting a lot of his time to helping others. Marks idea is that being a Global Patriot is different to being a National Patriot. While a National Patriot is […]

12for12k – Eye Care for Kids

We are pleased that the July charity for 12for12k is Eye Care for Kids. This continues lasts months theme of using Social Media to raise funds for children who need help. Eye Care For Kids is based in Utah and helps kids throughout the state, focusing (no pun intended) on rural areas and the Native […]

UNICEF & 12for12k

Since The 12for12k Challenge folks (of whom I’m a huge supporter) chose UNICEF’s Believe in Zero campaign as the June charity, there has been a lot of activity, not all of it positive. First one of the 12for12k blog partners decided he didn’t like UNICEF after originally posting in support. There have also been attacks […]

12for12k – UNICEF Believe in Zero

If you read Totally Incorrect regularly, you’ll know that I’m a huge supporter of the 12for12k Social Media for Good campaign. I’m really excited about the partnership that is just being announced for June. 12for12k has teamed up with the UN – playing with the big guys now – specifically UNICEF’s Believe in Zero Campaign. […]

California Gay Marriage Ban

I’m a straight guy and live in a state that until recently was considered pretty conservative. I am also a wedding photographer and I have never, not once photographed a same sex wedding or commitment. There is a very good reason for this no, not because I have any issues with the concept, but I’ve […]

Danny Brown Interview

This evening I had the chance to chat with Danny Brown – the 12for12k guy. Danny is kind enough to discuss his thoughts on Social Media marketing and how it fits in with a marketing plan. We also chat about the 12for12k charity and the exciting plans that are being put in place for the […]

12for12k Hospice of Peel

One thing is for sure – none of us are going to be around for ever and a lot of us are going to be needing special care when our time here is almost done. Hospice of Peel is a special place in the Toronto area that provides both in hospice and at-home care for […]


The 12for12k challenge is a remarkable effort being made to use the power of Social Media to make a positive impact to a lot of people’s lives. The idea is to select a different charity each month during 2009 and raise at least $12,000 to support that charaty’s efforts. The charity for April has been […]

So you want to get debaptized?

So you want to get debaptized? I saw this at BBC News – it seems that an increasing number of adults who were baptized as children want to get the deed undone. The argument is that since they were baptized as young children, no-one consulted them and it should be their decision whether or not […]