Why I’m Liking Posterous

When I heard about Posterous, I wondered if we really needed another social media platform. We already have Twitter for small posts and there are a ton of blogging and social bookmarking platforms out there for everything else. Being curious, I signed up for an account and checked it out. At that stage, this was […]

Social Media in Manufacturing

How can social media be integrated into a marketing plan for a manufacturing company that sells to other manufacturing companies? This post has been on my to-do list for a long time. When you bear in mind that I’m a social media enthusiast and a marketing manager for a manufacturing company, you’d think it would […]

Blog of the Week – Global Patriot

I came across Mark Lovett, the Global Patriot guy during the recent 12for12k 24 hour event. Mark has had a successful business career and now is devoting a lot of his time to helping others. Marks idea is that being a Global Patriot is different to being a National Patriot. While a National Patriot is […]

Blog of the Week – SEOMoz

If you are anything like me, you probably find the whole Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a bit of a mystery. Let’s face it, how many of us could claim to know our link juice from our Page Rank? Not too many I bet! It seems to me that getting one of my lame sites to […]

Tweetboard – Twitter conversations

If you use Twitter, you might have noticed that Tweetboard Alpha has been a (possibly rather annoying) trending topic of late. The developer has been using Twitter to get peopel to sign up for the alpha testing program. I’m not sure I like that kind of marketing, but it does seem to have worked – […]

Social Media Icons

No self respecting blog is properly dressed without a nice set of Social Media icons. Totally Incorrect is no exception and I’ve been looking for a set of icons that would fit in with the design of my site. Not being able to find anything I really liked, I decided to make a set for […]

Social Media & the IT Guy

Social Media and the IT Guy People who market to businesses, (I really don’t like the expression B2B but I guess that’s what it is) often seem to complain that social media marketing techniques are not as successful as they are when marketing to consumers. I’m not sure this is totally true, especially if you […]

Blog of the Week – Kids are Heroes

OK, so Kids are Heroes might not strictly speaking be a blog, but I want to recognize it anyway. Kids are Heroes was set up my Gabe O’Neil and his daughter Mary Margaret and it strives to help young people do great things – become heroes! As I understand it, the idea for Kids are […]

Blog of the Week: Vlad Dolezal

According to Wikipedia, Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia, more commonly known as Vlad the Impaler (Vlad Ţepeş), or simply in Romainian Dracula (November/December 1431 – December 1476), was a Wallachian (present-day southern Romania) Voivode. Um, excuse me a second …… what’s that? Oh, wrong Vlad! Sorry about that; let’s start again. Vlad Dolezal is a […]

Google Reader Widget

You might have noticed that I’ve been making some changes to the Totally Incorrect homepage layout. I’m trying to make everything easier to use and more – well more me. One of my passions is reading and learning (OK, that’s two passions but the two are strongly connected). As part of this, I’m a huge […]