Scribnia: Connecting Blogs & Readers

I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting blogs to read. To be honest, most of my reading these days is blogs, rather than print media or other on-line sources. A problem I have is finding great new authors who may well have something I really want to […]

BlogChat – #blogchat Recap

#blogchat is the weekly Twitter chat about blogs and blogging, hosted by Mack Collier on Sunday evenings. This week the subject for discussion was “Blogs and SEO (Search Engine Optimization” and it was a lively conversation. The content covered included SEO WordPress plugins, the importance of good content and good titles, how to configure links […]

Blog of the Week – Discomfort Zone

When I first visited these good old United States, something that hit me was the number of coaches there are running around in sports. It seems as though there are more coaches than there are players. Look at American Football, you telling me that, after four years of doing nothing at college but plying football, […]

Heading for disaster? Back up!

The Totally Incorrect blog is only a few months old, but I’ve already built up quite a lot of posts and done a fair bit of customization on the template itself. I’d be very upset if I were to lose all of this and the other evening I was narrowly saved from the disaster of […]

Are you a Reader or a Skimmer?


This thought came about after a brief conversation on Twitter with Michael Schechter. Twitter conversations generally don’t have a title, but if they did I’d call this one “How do you cope with the fact your wife likes to relax by watching crappy TV shows in bed that you, can’t stand.” There are obviously a […]

Sick of insincere businesses?

I don’t always agree with Chris Brogan (no problem with that and I do read his blog everyday), but his recent post “Shut-the-hell-up-you-self-promoting-turd” caught my eye and not just for the attention grabbing headline. Chris was complaining about the way a lot of companies insist of forcing old style marketing messages at us constantly, even […]

Danny Brown Interview

This evening I had the chance to chat with Danny Brown – the 12for12k guy. Danny is kind enough to discuss his thoughts on Social Media marketing and how it fits in with a marketing plan. We also chat about the 12for12k charity and the exciting plans that are being put in place for the […]

Blog of the Week – Planet Neil

My Blog of the Week for this week is Planet Neil, by Neil van Niekerk. Neil is a photographer based in New Jersey, specializing in wedding and portrait photography. While Neil is a great photographer and produces stunning work for his clients, that isn’t why his blog is Blog of the Week. I chose Neil’s […]

Upgrade WordPress with StudioPress

I’ve been using Brian Gardner’s WordPress themes for most of the time I’ve been blogging and I have themes from three of his generations. Our Labeling News and UniqueDay blogs as well as Totally Incorrect are all based on Brian’s themes. There are good reasons for this. First, the quality of Brian’s themes is always […]

12for12k Hospice of Peel

One thing is for sure – none of us are going to be around for ever and a lot of us are going to be needing special care when our time here is almost done. Hospice of Peel is a special place in the Toronto area that provides both in hospice and at-home care for […]