12for12k Live!

Getting 12for12k out of our computers and right to real people – my friend Rich Marti organized a great live music event at The Rock Cafe in Rocky Hill, CT. This was all in support of Musicians on call – the 12for12k charity for October. If you missed the event, you can check out my […]

I Love Barbara Talisman!

When I was heading out to the office this morning, I glanced at the 12for12k Twitter stream and saw a response from Danny Brown to a  blog post that had been written by someone called Barbara Talisman. Knowing that there is nothing like a good fight to start the day, I felt compelled to read […]

Blog of the Week – Global Patriot

I came across Mark Lovett, the Global Patriot guy during the recent 12for12k 24 hour event. Mark has had a successful business career and now is devoting a lot of his time to helping others. Marks idea is that being a Global Patriot is different to being a National Patriot. While a National Patriot is […]