Big 12for12k bash – Live in Lowell

For the December “Homeless” theme, the New England 12for12k team would love to invite you to Live in Lowell! – a special 12for12k event. Live in Lowell! takes place on Thursday, December 10th and will be an evening of music, networking and fun in support of MA Coalition for the Homeless. There will be live […]

12for12k Global Event #GG24

I’ve already written about the program that the 12for12k team has been putting together to support our September charity, Doctors Without Borders, The month has started really well with the Music as Medicine events proving to be a huge success and going a long way to meeting our goals. It is going to be up […]

12for12k – Doctors Without Borders

September promises to be a fantastic month for The 12for12k Challenge. It is going to bring together three powerful ideas: 12for12k: The idea that regular people can use social media to get together and make the World better Global Patriot: Mark Lovett’s vision that patriotism needed be confined by national or regional boundaries – which […]

Why Support Eye Care for Kids?

A few days ago I wrote about Eye Care for Kids being the July charity for 12for12k. As the first charity of the second half of the year, this is quite a contrast to the June charity, UNICEF. Whereas UNICEF operates on a global scale, Eye Care for Kids works on a much smaller scale, […]

12for12k – Eye Care for Kids

We are pleased that the July charity for 12for12k is Eye Care for Kids. This continues lasts months theme of using Social Media to raise funds for children who need help. Eye Care For Kids is based in Utah and helps kids throughout the state, focusing (no pun intended) on rural areas and the Native […]

12for12k Special 12 hour video-a thon

This is short notice, but very important. As you’ll have noticed, I’m a supporter of The 12for12k Challenge, a great team of social media enthusiasts looking to bring people together to help worthwhile causes. The end of June marks the half way point of this year’s challenge and we want to mark this in spectacular […]

Blog of the Week – Kids are Heroes

OK, so Kids are Heroes might not strictly speaking be a blog, but I want to recognize it anyway. Kids are Heroes was set up my Gabe O’Neil and his daughter Mary Margaret and it strives to help young people do great things – become heroes! As I understand it, the idea for Kids are […]

UNICEF & 12for12k

Since The 12for12k Challenge folks (of whom I’m a huge supporter) chose UNICEF’s Believe in Zero campaign as the June charity, there has been a lot of activity, not all of it positive. First one of the 12for12k blog partners decided he didn’t like UNICEF after originally posting in support. There have also been attacks […]


The 12for12k challenge is a remarkable effort being made to use the power of Social Media to make a positive impact to a lot of people’s lives. The idea is to select a different charity each month during 2009 and raise at least $12,000 to support that charaty’s efforts. The charity for April has been […]