Google Reader Widget

You might have noticed that I’ve been making some changes to the Totally Incorrect homepage layout. I’m trying to make everything easier to use and more – well more me. One of my passions is reading and learning (OK, that’s two passions but the two are strongly connected). As part of this, I’m a huge […]

Are you a Reader or a Skimmer?


This thought came about after a brief conversation on Twitter with Michael Schechter. Twitter conversations generally don’t have a title, but if they did I’d call this one “How do you cope with the fact your wife likes to relax by watching crappy TV shows in bed that you, can’t stand.” There are obviously a […]

How I Get the News


One of the great things about being a 21st Century Man is that I get to choose how I keep in touch with the world and the things I’m interested in. I mainly do this by subscribing to RSS feeds from the websites that have the content I’m looking for, written by people and organizations […]