Notes while on the road

I don’t know about you, but this happens to me all the time. I’m driving and I have a great idea that will really help the business. I see a truck that belongs to a company that seems to be the perfect potential customer. There is a sign on a building & I think that […]

Appigo – Todo iPhone App

My iPhone got a little bit better to use as a tool yesterday. I’ve written before about how I use my phone as the centerpiece of my strategy for staying in touch and keeping organized. A big part of this is using a task management application to help keep track of all my projects. My […]

How I stay in sync

At any given time, I’ve got a lot going on. As well as working hard as part of the Winco Identification team, I have the UniqueDay wedding photography business, my wife’s beauty business and other projects to keep on top of – not to mention family things as well. As a 21st Century guy, I’m […]

iPhone 3.0


So today was the big day with the iPhone 3.0 preview. I must admit to being pretty excited about this. The iPhone 3G is already a good mobile device and it is about to get better. Here are the main changes along with my thoughts on them: Copy and Paste – Finally! I can’t believe […]