Mass Innovation Night – #MIN7

Amazing, tonight was MIN7 – the seventh in the series of Mass Innovation Nights. The concept seems to get better all the time, with some great companies being introduced and a new idea for the format as well. For the first time, it was possible for innovators to meet one on one with legal experts, […]

Social Media in Manufacturing

How can social media be integrated into a marketing plan for a manufacturing company that sells to other manufacturing companies? This post has been on my to-do list for a long time. When you bear in mind that I’m a social media enthusiast and a marketing manager for a manufacturing company, you’d think it would […]

Springer Mountain Mobile Marketing

Last night Em and I were home alone and we decided to cook one of our favorite pasta dishes. You can find the recipe here. As it happens, I forgot the chicken (yes I know the recipe uses shrimp, but we like chicken instead) and had to go back to the store to get it. […]

The direct mail campaign

So today we have been planning a direct mail campaign and I am really excited about it. I think this level of excitment was a bit of a surprise to some observers, but there is a very good reason for it. First, it is important to remember that good marketing needs to be balanced. You […]

5 Stupid Arguments

One of the newer additions to my Google Reader list is the excellent Legends of Aerocles blog by David Tetcher. A recent story that caught my eye was not by David, but was written by a guest, Amanda Fontaine. The title of the post is 5 Stupid Arguments Against Starting a Social Media Program which, […]

Another good reason to use Firefox

Today I had a nasty shock. I was at my office and had occasion to check out Chris Brogan’s blog in Google Reader. You probably think this isn’t a big deal and indeed, I do this everyday from my home office. So anyway¬† not being aware of my predicament, I happily navigated to Mr. Brogan’s […]

Milltronics – a Sincere Company

You might just have read my recent story complaining about how fed up I am with companies pretending that they appreciate the people that work for them – then promptly outsourcing everything and laying them off. It often seems to me that when a business makes a big deal in their marketing about how great […]

Mass Innovation Nights – #MIN2

As I mentioned in my little video podcast, this week was the second of the Mass Innovation Night events. I had missed the first, so I was really pleased to have the chance to attend the second one. Mass Innovation Nights is run by Bobbie Carlton of Carlton PR & Marketing along with Dan Englander […]

Sick of insincere businesses?

I don’t always agree with Chris Brogan (no problem with that and I do read his blog everyday), but his recent post “Shut-the-hell-up-you-self-promoting-turd” caught my eye and not just for the attention grabbing headline. Chris was complaining about the way a lot of companies insist of forcing old style marketing messages at us constantly, even […]

Danny Brown Interview

This evening I had the chance to chat with Danny Brown – the 12for12k guy. Danny is kind enough to discuss his thoughts on Social Media marketing and how it fits in with a marketing plan. We also chat about the 12for12k charity and the exciting plans that are being put in place for the […]