Totally Incorrect Video-cast! 12for12k

If you read Totally Incorrect, or hang out with me at Twitter, you’ll know that I support the charity movement 12for12k For a while, I’ve wanted to put a video-cast of my thoughts together and finally got around to it. To get more information, here are some links: website Follow Danny Brown on Twitter […]

I Love Barbara Talisman!

When I was heading out to the office this morning, I glanced at the 12for12k Twitter stream and saw a response from Danny Brown to a  blog post that had been written by someone called Barbara Talisman. Knowing that there is nothing like a good fight to start the day, I felt compelled to read […]

12for12k Global Event #GG24

I’ve already written about the program that the 12for12k team has been putting together to support our September charity, Doctors Without Borders, The month has started really well with the Music as Medicine events proving to be a huge success and going a long way to meeting our goals. It is going to be up […]

12for12k – Doctors Without Borders

September promises to be a fantastic month for The 12for12k Challenge. It is going to bring together three powerful ideas: 12for12k: The idea that regular people can use social media to get together and make the World better Global Patriot: Mark Lovett’s vision that patriotism needed be confined by national or regional boundaries – which […]

Totally Incorrect Podcast – August 09

This months podcast is very much a social media one. You can hear me ramble on about Twitter/Facebook/FriendFeed. The Twitter outage, Facebook buying out FriendFeed etc. Also, an update with what’s going on with 12for12k right now as well as my #FollowFriday and Fool of the Week features. You can listen in the little media […]

Social Media – keeping it under control

It seems to be ironic writing this on the day that Facebook has acquired FriendFeed, but I have to say, I’m feeling that social media has been taking up too much of my time. To be honest my use of social networking sites is a lot less than many people, but I’m finding that 3 […]

Why I’m Liking Posterous

When I heard about Posterous, I wondered if we really needed another social media platform. We already have Twitter for small posts and there are a ton of blogging and social bookmarking platforms out there for everything else. Being curious, I signed up for an account and checked it out. At that stage, this was […]

Totally Incorrect Podcast – July 2009

Alright – I’ve finished the first edition of the Totally Incorrect Podcast!!! You can listen in the little media player you should see below. Here are links to some of the stories and people mentioned in the podcast: Person of the Week: Brian Gardner The 12for12k Challenge Twitter for Business Guide Fool of the Week: […]

Social Media in Manufacturing

How can social media be integrated into a marketing plan for a manufacturing company that sells to other manufacturing companies? This post has been on my to-do list for a long time. When you bear in mind that I’m a social media enthusiast and a marketing manager for a manufacturing company, you’d think it would […]

Why Support Eye Care for Kids?

A few days ago I wrote about Eye Care for Kids being the July charity for 12for12k. As the first charity of the second half of the year, this is quite a contrast to the June charity, UNICEF. Whereas UNICEF operates on a global scale, Eye Care for Kids works on a much smaller scale, […]